Past Trips
April 22nd - 25th
Pemberton with Uncle Chris
Thumbnail 1440
September 18th - 20th
Club's Birthday
Thumbnail 1429
Future Trips
May 27th - 29th
Red Rum. In the hills
July 1st - 31st
Kimberleys and hopefully NT
August 12th - 14th
avon Descent
September 10th
swan valley medieval fair
October 8th
Red hot summer tour
November 5th
Deep sea fishing
November 5th
Ladies day
December 2nd - 4th
xmas Party
front page picture Maverick
Maverick doing his best
front page picture Maverick
Reach for the sky!
front page picture Screech
Screech showing how it's done
front page picture Fish
Fish needing a wash
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