Name:Mike Mason
Status:Track Marshall
Web site:

Vehicle:Toyota Prado 150 Series ZR 2010 First vehicle picture
Second vehicle picture
Engine:3.0 Ltr 4 cylinder diesel turbo intercooled
Transmission:5 speed automatic tiptronic
Suspension:Front: Independent coil
Rear: Live-axle coil

Front: Independent, with upper and lower wishbones, OME 2888 coil springs, OME 90010 gas dampers and ball-joint mounted anti-roll bar.

Rear: Rigid live axle, five-link system with upper and lower link trailing arms, Panhard rod, OME 2889 coil springs, OME 60080 gas dampers and ball-joint mounted anti-roll bar.

Diffs:Front: Open
Rear: Factory locker
Tyres:Factory 18x7.5" Alloys - Dunlop 265/60 R18

Dick Cepek 17x8.5" Torque - Mickey Thompson MTZ 285/70 R17

Communications:Uniden UH400SX-RM

GME AE4014 - 477 MHz Antenna

Spotties:Light force Genesis HID