January 2002
Wedge Island: Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th
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Balingup: Saturday 26th - Monday 28th
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February 2002
AGM: Saturday 2nd

Mundaring Hill Climbs: Sunday 10th

General Meeting: Friday 22nd

Night Navigation: Saturday 23rd
March 2002
Dwellingup: Saturday 2nd - Monday 4th

Maraget River Ladies Weekend: Saturday 2nd - Monday 4th

Stock Yard Gully Caves: Friday 15th - Sunday 17th
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Battery World Info Evening: Wednesday 20th

Easter choice 1: Lake Mason: Friday 29th - April Monday 1st

Easter choice 2: Pemberton: Friday 29th - April Monday 1st
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April 2002
Balingup: Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th
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CanTeen run to Gray: Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th
Participants:Brettski, Froggy, Fish.
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May 2002
Blanket Run: Sunday 5th

Night Nav Reccie: Saturday 11th
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Night Nav: Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th
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Lancelin reccie for training day: Sunday 19th

Lancelin training day: Sunday 26th
Participants:Brettski, Froggy.
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June 2002
Wedge Island: Saturday 1st - Monday 3rd
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Muchea: Monday 3rd
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Training Day: Sunday 9th
Participants:Brettski, Froggy.
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Moore River: Sunday 9th
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Mundaring Hill Climbs: Sunday 16th
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July 2002
Beach Drive: Saturday 6th

Darwin school holidays trip: Wednesday 10th - Saturday 20th
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Talbot Road: Sunday 14th
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August 2002
ARB Track Torque open day: Thursday 8th
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Moore River half-day trip: Sunday 11th
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Wilbinga half-day trip: Sunday 11th
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Grey Trip: Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th

Lake Indoon: Saturday 31st - Thursday 1st
September 2002
MacGyver's Mystery Trip: Sunday 8th
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Brettski's Mt Observation Mud Bash: Sunday 15th
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Meeting and BBQ at the Billabong: Friday 20th

BBQ at Big Pete's place: Saturday 21st

Mudslide's fund raising river cruise: Sunday 22nd

Skip's Dunsborough Trip: Saturday 28th - Monday 30th
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Pommie Pete's Mt Augustus trip: Saturday 28th - October Tuesday 8th

Coral Bay and Exmouth: Saturday 28th - Tuesday 10th

Eastern Goldfields Gymkhana: Saturday 28th - Monday 30th
October 2002
TC's Harvey Explorer: Saturday 5th
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Venturer's Meeting at the Swamp: Thursday 17th

Night Navigation: Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th
Participants:Froggy, Brettski, McGyver, Gadget, Fish.
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Toodyay Explorer: Wednesday 23rd
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November 2002
Lake Indoon and Pinnacles: Wednesday 6th

Ladies day reccie: Wednesday 6th

Perth 4WD and Adventure Show: Friday 8th - Sunday 10th

Holland Track Adventure: Friday 8th - Monday 11th
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Ladies Day: Sunday 17th
Participants:Brettski, McGyver.
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Ceduna Solar Eclipse Trip: Saturday 23rd - December Sunday 8th

Balingup Weekend Trip: Saturday 30th - December Sunday 1st
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December 2002
Inter-club fishing comp: Saturday 7th

Kids Christmas Party: Sunday 8th

Club Christmas Party and Hangi Feast: Saturday 14th
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Dwellingup day trip: Sunday 29th
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