January 2005
Mystery Beach Run: Sunday 16th
Meeting place:Botanic Golf car park, Joondalup Drive
Meeting time:9AM
Trip leader:Froggy
Details:This trip is a full-day trip but can be a half-day if you would like to take off early. Standard recovery gear required (snatch straps, recovery points, etc), as well as 30+ sunscreen, dogs (if you have them), boats, umbrellas, lunch, drinks and so on.
Participants:Froggy, Ugboot tentative, Bulljoe, Sparky, Stuart visitor, McGyver.
Trip links:Thumbnail257UgBoot's pics

MacGyver's Mystery Night Nav: Friday 21st
Meeting place:Shell service station on Wanneroo Rd near Ocean Reef Rd
Meeting time:5:45PM for a 6PM departure
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Bring some recovery gear and a late-night snack.
Participants:McGyver, Gadget, Bulljoe, Pommy Pete, Froggy, Dino, Sparky, Ugboot, Taddy, Maverick, Rocky, Hools, Hool's friend visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail265McGyver's pics

Annual General Meeting: Saturday 22nd
Meeting place:Clarko Reserve - just south of Trigg Point
Meeting time:5PM
Meeting convener:Mudslide
Details:The club's AGM for 2005 will be held on Saturday the 22nd. All members are welcome!
Participants:Brettski, Froggy, Pommy Pete, McGyver, Maverick, Gadget, Fish, Mudslide.

Committee Meeting: Saturday 22nd
Meeting place:Clarko Reserve
Meeting time:4PM
Meeting convener:Mudslide
Details:This meeting is so that the committee can organise the AGM that follows.
Participants:Brettski, Froggy, Pommy Pete, McGyver, Maverick, Mudslide.

Little Feet 2005: Sunday 23rd
Details:This is a free event put on by the City of Joondalup especially for the newer people (those under 12). Thanks to Michelle for letting us know!
Extra information:
February 2005
Committee Meeting: Tuesday 1st
Meeting time:7:30 PM
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:Normal post-AGM committee meeting. Agenda items to Captain.
Participants:Froggy, Captain, Fish, McGyver, Brettski.

Lake Indoon/Stock Yard Gully Caves: Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th
Meeting time:10AM for a 10:15AM sharp departure
Trip leader:Captain Email Captain
Details:The agenda is to travel up on Saturday, have lunch at Regans Ford, set up camp early at Lake Indoon - about 250kms from Perth. Feel free to bring water toys (kayaks, etc) for use on the lake. On Sunday, pack up, visit the Stock Yard Gully caves (~35 km
Extra information:
Participants:Captain, Fish.

McGyver Mystery Night Trip: Friday 18th
Meeting time:6:45pm for a 7:00pm departure (sharp)
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Tail end:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:All recovery gear & late night snack. (extra choc biscuits as I love them)
Participants:McGyver, Pommy Pete, Sparky, Bulljoe, Craig Perry visitor tentative, Gadget, Maverick, Tony & Justine visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail263McGyver's pics
March 2005
Dwellingup: Friday 4th - Monday 7th
Meeting time:Friday 5.30pm Departure 5.45pm
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:Over the Labour Day long weekend, Fish will be heading down to Lane Pool. This will be a leisurely trip with plenty of swimming. Standard gear is required - air compressor, recovery kit, etc. VISITORS NOW CLOSED as there is now three going.
Participants:Fish, Froggy, Captain, Andrew and Yvette visitor, Taddy, Stockman, Neil & Tonya Johnson visitor, Bryam Mynott visitor, Pluto.
Trip links:Thumbnail291Bronky's pics

Steep Point fishing trip with Rocky & mates: Friday 11th - Friday 18th
Meeting time:When we are ready
Reccie leader:Froggy
Details:Bullet and I have been invited up to Steep Point with Rocky’s fishing mates. This trip Bullet and I are going on is also a Reccie for the club. The plan is to head up to Steep Point next year with the club… but we would like to see how Rocky a
Participants:Froggy, Bullet, Rocky.

CanTeen Day Trip: Saturday 19th
Meeting time:8.00am
Trip leader:Froggy
Details:For this trip, we need 11 or 12 vehicles with drivers only, please. We'll be taking up to 40 passengers from CanTeen. More details soon!
Extra information:
Participants:Ugboot, Froggy, Brettski, McGyver, Taddy, Bulljoe, Fish, Captain, Andrew Cowle visitor, Sparky, Cactus Jack, Top Gun, Pluto.
Trip links:Thumbnail276Brettski's pics
Andrew's pics
Ug Boot's pics

Pioneer Camper Trailers - Open Day: Sunday 20th
Meeting time:10:45am for an 11:00am tour
Event co-ordinator:Taddy
Details:There has been a lot of interest in camper trailers amongst our members lately. So I have arranged for an open day at Pioneer Campers. You can bring anyone you know looking for a camper trailer to this event. Pioneer campers are built from the ground u
Participants:Bulljoe, Taddy, Froggy, Maverick tentative, KC, Pluto, Captain tentative, Neil & Tonya Johnson visitor, Greg & Denise Bremner visitor.

Wellington Dam/Collie: Friday 25th - Monday 28th
Meeting time:7.15am
Trip leader:Froggy
Tail end:Fish Email Fish
Details:This Easter is going to be a nice leisurely 4WD trip not too far from Perth and camping on the banks of the Wellington Dam. Maybe bring canoes, might even look at hiring some so more of us can get on the water together. All your recovery gear will be
Extra information:
Participants:Fish, Maverick, Gadget, Taddy, McGyver tentative, Froggy, Ugboot, Pluto tentative, Sparky tentative, Bullet, Kevin, Val & kids visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail339MacGyver's pics
Pluto's Pics
Bronky's pics
Ug Boots pics
April 2005
OziExplorer Workshop: Sunday 3rd
Meeting place:Pluto's Place
Meeting time:10:00am
Trip leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:This workshop is intended to expand members knowledge of OziExplorer and to help them resolve problems they are having with the software. The workshop will be limited to seven participants.
Extra information:
Participants:Froggy, Pluto, Brettski.

Eastern Wandoo Exploration: Sunday 10th
Meeting time:9:15 am for a 9:30 start
Reccie leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Tail end:Brettski Email Brettski
Details:Let's get to know this part of our fabulous state, an area that our members don't visit very often. Brettski and I have some spots we want to explore (especially some boggy areas for revisit in the winter) and we would like some company. General recove
Participants:DNA, Craig Perry visitor, Pluto, Froggy, Donno visitor, Bulljoe, Ugboot, Maverick, Sparky, Gadget, Braveheart tentative, Chups, Pommy Pete, Steve & Yvonne visitor, Brettski, Iceman.
Trip links:Thumbnail300Brettski's pics
Brettski's trip report
Anna's pics
Ugboots pics

Club 4WD Training: Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th
Meeting place:Info pak will be sent.
Meeting time:08:30
Trip leader:Taddy
Tail end:Froggy
Details:We have decided to donate some training spots for club members. Spots will be limited to 4, information will be given on request and not posted here, so if you are interested please contact me directly.
Participants:Taddy, Bulljoe, Froggy.

Balingup: Friday 22nd - Monday 25th
Meeting time:8.00pm
Trip leader:Froggy
Details:ANZAC weekend as per last years with a dawn service. MacGyver has been voted by popular demand to be trips leader for Saturday's outing. Unless of course someone else would like to have a go. Oh and something else to be aware of, there is a countr
Extra information:
Participants:Bulljoe, Fish, Andrew & Yvette (tentative) visitor, Brian visitor, Maverick, Mat, Gadget tentative, KC, DNA, Bullet tentative, Pluto.
Trip links:Thumbnail306Bronky's pics
May 2005
Bibbulum Track Walk (Ladies Day Out): Sunday 15th
Meeting time:8.15am sharp
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:Vilma (Mrs Fish for those not in the know) is leading a trip to walk the first leg of the Bibbulum Track from Kalamunda to Mundaring - approx 18 km. This will be at the same time the Guys will be going for a drive around the East Mundaring Hills.(Guys
Extra information:
Participants:Froggy, Gadget tentative, Stockman, Fish, Cactus Jack, Ugboot, Taddy, DNA, Chups.
Trip links:Thumbnail317UgBoots pics
Joanne and Keith pics

Magellan new GPS information night: Tuesday 24th
Meeting place:18 Baden Street Osborne Park Western Australia 6017
Meeting time:6.30pm
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Details:This is an opportunity for West Coast members, their friends and family to check out the new range of Magellan 400, 500 and 600 eXplorist ranges of GPS Units.
Extra information:
Participants:Monty visitor, Bronky, Stockman, Froggy, Captain, Jason S visitor, McGyver, Pluto, Fish, Chups, Paul Palladino visitor, Gadget tentative.
June 2005
Wedge Island, Foundation Day long weekend.: Friday 3rd - Monday 6th
Meeting time:6pm
Trip leader:Iceman
Details:A casual weekend up at Wedge. Driving up Friday night. Relaxing Saturday with a bit of fishing and playing on the beach for the kids. Up to the Pinnicals Sunday. Monday, pack up and head to the dunes in Lancelen for a play before heading for home about
Participants:Bryan ( Pajero ) visitor, Alan & family ( Prado ) visitor, Iceman, Marius & family ( Pajero ) visitor, Kieth & Family ( 80 series ) visitor, Bronky.
Trip links:Thumbnail345Bronky's pics

Balingup LWE: Friday 3rd - Monday 6th
Meeting place:Change of plans - we will meet at Lewana cottages - Balingup
Meeting time:Due to residential locations - easier to meet there
Trip leader:Gadget Email Gadget
Details:Lewana cottages located 3-4km left hand side,past Wrights bridge on Nannup Rd. 12-15km from town. This will be a serious 4wding trip with a high degree of difficulty if wet. We will be 4wding all weekend and possibly have a night nav. You will need t
Participants:Gadget, Maverick, Mat, Robbo (Paul) visitor tentative, KC.

LWE Pinnacles Day Trip: Sunday 5th
Meeting place:Odin Tavern
Meeting time:5:45 am for a 6:00am Start
Trip leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:For members who cannot participate in the full weekend trip, this might apeal. Starting with a run up to Cervantes and the Pinnacles, we will then return via Wedge Island, hooking up with Iceman's convoy, for lunch and fun in the dunes around Grey, Wed
Participants:Pluto, Paul visitor, Sparky, Cactus Jack, Bob visitor tentative.

Mundaring & its mud: Sunday 12th
Meeting time:8.45am for a 9 am Depature
Trip leader:Bulljoe
Details:"I have withdrawels from not being off road for awhile" so to rectify this i am heading out to do the powerline track, mudholes & cv hill. this is an unplanned trip and i will be playing it by ear, so i would love some company **** please
Participants:Bulljoe, Sparky, Bronky, KC, Ugboot, McGyver, Cactus Jack tentative, craig perry visitor, Maverick, Pluto tentative, marshy visitor, tony mingo visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail354Bronky's pics
McGyver's pics
Ug Boots pics
Keith's pics
July 2005
TCWA Lennard Track busy bee: Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:TBA
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Details:Following track closures along Lennard Track & Sailors Gully, as previously reported, a very important working bee has been arranged for next weekend. We need plenty of volunteers to support our actions in working with CALM and the 4WD Association
Extra information:
Participants:Froggy, KC tentative, Pluto tentative.

East Pilbara: Saturday 2nd - Sunday 17th
Trip leader:Froggy
Participants:Froggy, Pommy Pete.

Avon Descent ASU workshop for Sunday: Sunday 10th
Meeting time:8.30am for a 9.00am start / half day only - finish by lunchtime
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Details:Stevo asked if we as a club could possibly help with the Avon descent this year. I've done some research on this as requested by Stevo. The outcome of my research is that it is possible for us as a club to be part of the ASU safety team for the Avon De
Extra information:
Participants:Froggy, Bulljoe, Ugboot, Sparky, Bronky, Stockman, Cactus Jack visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail363Ugboots pics
Bronky's pics

Avon Support Unit (ASU) information night: Wednesday 13th
Meeting place:Near challenge stadium - S31°57.164' E115°46.942' there abouts
Meeting time:6.00pm
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Details:This is a follow up to last Sunday’s workshop at Bell's Rapids. Many thanks to the following members for taking the time to come along and participating in this event: UgBoot, Shirley, Sparky, Cactus Jack, Greg & Linda Pova, Froggy, Stevo & Bro
Participants:Froggy, Ugboot, Cactus Jack, Stockman, Sparky, Bronky.

Garmin GPS Info Night: Tuesday 19th
Meeting place:WACB Cnr Newcastle & Lord Streets, East Perth
Meeting time:Doors Open 7:00pm and the talk will commence about 7:15
Event co-ordinator:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:Ken from WACB & Gary from GME Electrophone have invited us to attend a presentation of Garmin GPS products, including some thatare about to be released. Any questions about GME products can also be answered. Because WACB is not a conference centre,
Participants:Pluto, Sparky, Captain, Froggy, Stockman, Pete visitor, Alfred Goh visitor, Paul Palladino visitor tentative, Fish, McGyver.
Trip links:Event Report

Group 4WD photo shoot for 4WD Monthly: Sunday 24th
Meeting time:7.45am
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Tail end:Ugboot
Details:Rick McDowell - 4WD Monthly photographer has offered to do a group photo of all West Coast 4X4 member vehicles to be presented in the 4WD national magazine - 4WD Monthly. It would be fantastic if we could get EVERY member to get their trucks to this ev
Participants:Froggy, McGyver, Bulljoe tentative, Brettski, Stockman, Captain, Sparky, Mudslide, Fish, Maverick, Gadget, Top Gun visitor, Bullet, Rocky, Bronky, Iceman, KC, Alfred Goh visitor, Braveheart tentative, Cactus Jack, Jason Scott visitor, Spottie, Paul Palladino visitor, Hools, Ugboot.
Trip links:Thumbnail371Brettski's pics
Ugboots pics
Bronky's pics

ASU - Scrutineering: Sunday 24th
Meeting place:Hinze Reserve
Meeting time:10.00pm - 12.00pm
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Details:Team Allocations, Passes, Radios & Equipment. More details to come.
Participants:Stockman, Froggy.

Committee meeting: Tuesday 26th
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:TBA
Meeting convener:Froggy
Participants:Froggy, Captain, McGyver, Fish, Brettski.

Avon Valley Run - ASU: Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st
Meeting time:TBA
Trip leader:Froggy
Tail end:Ugboot
Details:Training & team allocations
Participants:Froggy, Bronky, Cactus Jack, Sparky.
Trip links:Thumbnail377Bronky's pics

Dwellingup: Sunday 31st
Meeting time:8.30am
Trip leader:KC
Tail end:Maverick
Details:NOTE TRIP NOW CLOSED TO ANY FURTHER VISITORS. A change of plans guys. Gee Crawford is pain - he has booked the concreter for Sat, so the two day trip can only be a one day. For more info email ckjcarpentry@westnet.com.au
Participants:Ian Green visitor, KC, Pluto, Stuart Skinner visitor, Paul Palladino visitor, Steve & mate Alan visitor, Maverick.
Trip links:Thumbnail376Pluto's Pics
August 2005
Avon Descent Race Weekend: Friday 5th - Sunday 7th
Meeting time:TBA
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Tail end:Stockman
Participants:Froggy, Stockman, Sparky, Cactus Jack, Bronky, Ugboot.
Trip links:Thumbnail536Bronky's pics
UgBoots pics
Froggy's pics
UgBoots pics

Wheel'n, Barby & Bonfire.: Saturday 13th
Meeting time:11am
Trip leader:Iceman
Details:We'll be going to the Mundaring area to have a bit of a play on some hills and maybe some mud if it's around, before we head back to Iceman's house for a social evening with a nice big fire to sit around. There will be a bbq available for use so bringy
Participants:Pluto, Iceman, Spottie, Brettski, McGyver tentative, Braveheart, Paul & Family ( Jeep ) visitor, Andrew & Family visitor, Jim & Family ( Patrol ) visitor, Steve visitor, Froggy, Bulljoe.
Trip links:Thumbnail389Brettski's pics
Gerry's pics
McGyver's photos

McGyver Mystery Night Trip: Friday 19th
Meeting place:Shell Service Station, Wanneroo rd, just after Ocean Reef rd crn
Meeting time:6:15 for a 6:30 departure time
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:McGyver Friday Night Mystery trip is on again. This trip may have some water crossing so bring a tarp for the front of the 4WD, just in case. hehehee. Also air pump to re-inflate tyres
Participants:McGyver, Spottie, Bulljoe, Pluto, Paul & Karen visitor tentative, Steve Taylor visitor.

Senior First Aid Course: Sunday 21st
Meeting time:8.45am
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Details:Any member that would like to re-do (upgrade) their Senior First Aid or do the course from scratch, this event would be a great opportunty. Details of the course are still being finalised with St John ambulance. If you are serious about your family a
Participants:Ugboot, Pluto, Froggy, Bulljoe, Cactus Jack, Bronky, Kiara Burge visitor, Peter Moir visitor, Paul Palladino's wife visitor.

ASU debrief: Wednesday 24th
Meeting place:Royal Life Saving Society premises, McGillvray Road, Mt Claremon
Meeting time:6.50pm
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Details:The ASU race de-brief will take place on Wednesday the 24th of August at the Royal Life Saving Society premises, McGillvray Road, Mt Claremont, commencing at 7:00pm. Light refreshments will be served and all ASU members are requested to attend. We wi
Extra information:
September 2005
Maverick's photo shoot: Saturday 3rd
Meeting place:Caltex at the bottom of Greenmount Hill
Meeting time:8AM sharp departure
Trip leader:Maverick
Tail end:Brettski Email Brettski
Details:Maverick is headed out to Mundaring to do his photo shoot for 4WD Monthly.
Participants:Maverick, Brettski, Yorkie.
Trip links:Thumbnail394Brettski's pics

Preston Beach overnighter: Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th
Meeting place:Caltex end of Freeway south
Meeting time:12 noon for 12.30 departure
Trip leader:Stockman
Details:Nothing to complicated here. Onto the beach at White Hills for a run to Preston Beach.Then to caravan park,set up camp,drive back onto the beach for afternoon tea,a spot of fishing and watch the sunset.Back to camp for tea. Sunday breakfast then a morn
Participants:Stockman, Bronky, Rocky, Bullet, Ugboot, Froggy, Cactus Jack, Pommy Pete, Paj & Heather visitor, Arun & Nat visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail399Ugboots pics

The WA 4WD Owner's Annual Charity Muster: Sunday 18th
Meeting place:Mussel Pool, Whiteman Park
Meeting time:9.30am
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Extra information:
October 2005
Bibbulum Track Walk (Round 2): Sunday 2nd
Meeting place:Kalamunda Northam Terminus cnr Mundaring Weir Rd & Railway R
Meeting time:8.15am for 8.30am departure
Event co-ordinator:Fish Email Fish
Details:We will be repeating the walk done in May this year, which takes us from Kalamunda to Mundaring Weir. Approx 18km walk finishing with a lunch at Mundaring Weir Hotel. Details to follow.
Participants:Fish, Froggy, Ugboot.

Mundaring Hills: Sunday 2nd
Meeting place:Kalamunda Northam Terminus Cnr Mundaring Weir Rd & Railway R
Meeting time:8.30am departure
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:While the Girls are doing their walk on the Bibbulum Track Walk (Round 2) I thought the Guys might like to go on a drive through Mundaring Hills. We will all catch up at the Mundaring Hotel for late lunch after.(Sunday) NO MORE VISITORS PLEASE.... Su
Participants:Lyndon visitor, Fish, Darryl Carter visitor, Froggy, Craig Pellatt visitor, Sparky, Bronky, Wizard, Stephen dePina visitor, Cactus Jack, Ugboot.
Trip links:Thumbnail405UgBoots pics
Bronky's pics

Mud, water and other messy things!: Sunday 9th
Meeting place:Rear of the Caltex at the bottom of Greenmount Hill
Meeting time:8:45AM for a 9AM sharp departure
Trip leader:Brettski Email Brettski
Details:It's been a while since we went out in the mud and this may be the last chance this year if we don't get any more rain, so I thought we should take a bit of a wander... ;-)
Update: We'll probably be out all day so bring some lunch and refreshments w
Participants:Andy visitor, Brettski, Iceman, Bulljoe tentative, Wizard, Sparky, Justin visitor, Dave visitor, Maverick, Shaun visitor, Adrian and Christel visitor tentative, Bunj and Neshka visitor, Another Dave visitor, Alan visitor, Cactus Jack tentative, Spottie, Ugboot, Darren visitor tentative, Theresa visitor tentative, Stephen visitor, Captain tentative.
Trip links:Thumbnail407Brettski's pics
Brettski's trip report
Froggy's training and swamp photos
UgBoots Pics

Mundaring Night Nav.: Friday 21st
Meeting place:Caltex servo bottom of greenmount hill
Meeting time:6.00pm for a 6.30pm departure
Trip leader:Bulljoe
Details:I know mundaring has been done several times before recently but i thought it might be good to do the power line track in the dark, so it will be just a few hrs of 4wdriving nothing to flash but with the nice nights lately, i thought it would be nice t
Participants:Bulljoe, Sparky, Stu visitor.

Wildflower trip: Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd
Meeting place:Gidgegannup - servo
Meeting time:9.00am
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Finally got the wayponts sorted and the trip has a basic foundation, Froggy is helping me put it together... so a 'not getting lost' policy has been adopted... NOT! Please check the itinerary page <more information> for more details.
Extra information:
Participants:Pommy Pete, Any & Lyn visitor, Froggy, Bronky, Wizard, Andy & Lyn visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail417Bronky's pics

Canteen - National Bandanna Day: Friday 28th
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Extra information:

Giant 4WD & Camping Swap Meet: Sunday 30th
Meeting place:Between Newcastle St and Aberdeen St, Northbridge
Meeting time:Starts at 8.00am
Trip leader:Froggy
Extra information:
November 2005
Moore River: Sunday 13th
Meeting place:10th Light Horse memorial car park 8km from Wannoroo lights
Meeting time:8.45am
Trip leader:Bronky
Details:Nice leisurely Sunday drive not far from Perth, my first time as trips leader so please be kind to me ;-) We will be starting on the Northern side and heading South with the sun on our backs. What to bring?? Fly swat! Na&#8230; get ya self a head n
Participants:Bronky, Froggy, Ugboot, Wizard, Todd & Felecia visitor, Pluto, Pommy Pete, Goose, Bulljoe, Rick &Kylie visitor, Craig Pellett & family visitor, Sparky tentative, Geoff Makay& Meredith with two kids visitor, Hunter, Paual at lunch time tentative visitor, Cactus Jack, Dave Stobie & family visitor, Rick Mcdowell visitor, B. Bandy visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail418Bronky's pics
UgBoots pics

Perth 4WD Show: Friday 18th - Sunday 20th
Event co-ordinator:Froggy
Extra information:
Participants:Bronky, Brettski tentative, Fish, Bulljoe, Sparky, Pluto.

Club Christmas Party: Saturday 19th
Meeting place:Contact Iceman for a map.
Meeting time:5pm onward
Event co-ordinator:Iceman
Details:The christmas party this year will be at the same place as last year, this year bring your bathers as we have had a pool put in. Cost is now set at $12 per adult, $6 per child, this is to be paid prior to the event. Please send payments through Fish so
Extra information:
Participants:Iceman, Froggy, Fish, Maverick, Bronky, Pluto, Ugboot, Captain, Marius & family visitor, KC, Brettski, Gadget, Sparky, Bulljoe, Pommy Pete.
Trip links:Thumbnail430Bronky's pics
December 2005
Cataby - Wedge Is Day Trip: Sunday 4th
Meeting place:10th Light Horse - (GDA94) S 31° 41.3718&#8217; E 115° 45.47
Meeting time:7:15 for a 7:30 am Start
Trip leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:This trip is really an excuse to play around with the new GPS but it's still a good day trip. For those wanting to work with their GPS too, there are waypoint and route files on the Member Files page. We'll approach Wedge Island from Cataby, lunch will
Participants:Pluto, Brettski, Ozzie visitor, Paul Palladino visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail432Brettski's pics

Bremer Bay: Tuesday 27th - January Monday 2nd
Meeting place:Cnr of Abany Hwy and Armadale Rd
Meeting time:8.30am
Trip leader:Froggy
Tail end:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:End of year New Year's party! Quaalup Station: Datum WGS84 UTM: 50 721908.6 - S 6206392.4 Long/Lat: S34 15.5970 - E119 24.6042
Extra information:
Participants:Froggy, McGyver, Bronky, Craig Pellat and Family visitor, Todd & Felicia visitor, Wizard, Bullet, Brenton & Denise visitor, Steve & Michelle - Sprintex visitor, Rocky, Bruno & Gloria visitor, Jerry & Pat visitor, Jonesy, Pluto.
Trip links:Thumbnail436Bronky's pics
MacGyver's pics
Tazzy's pics