January 2011
Perth Caravan & Camping Show : Saturday 15th
Event co-ordinator:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Perth Caravan & Camping Show. Claremont show grounds for more details please visit thier website....
Extra information:

Wilbinga Fishing Trip: Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd
Meeting place:light Horse
Meeting time:1 . 30 pm Saturday afternoon
Trip leader:Radar
Details:The usual new year fishing trip and a few beers.Not sure of the tide will see when we get there.
Participants:Luke visitor, Callum, Radar, Daniel, Pommy Pete, Harry visitor, Paddy, Smokey, Bob visitor visitor, Fish, McGyver.

Pemberton Explorer: Tuesday 25th - Sunday 30th
Meeting place:Cockburn Central Crn Kwinana Fwy and Armadale Rd
Meeting time:7- oo pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:A visit through D'Entrecasteaux National Park - Yeagarup Dunes, Meerup & Doggerup Dunes, Windy Harbour & Brooke Inlet. Camps will change daily. Off road trailers or tents only please
Participants:Smokey, Marawan, Pommy Pete, Mike & Therese visitor, Johno visitor, Ken visitor, Aaron visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1166Smokey's pics

Australian Day 4WD trip: Wednesday 26th
Meeting place:behind the BP service station on Wanneroo Road near the corner of Ocean Reef road
Meeting time:9:00am departure- Planning to be home around the
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Around the Moore River area at this stage. Want to be home around the 3-4pm allow people to attend the Firework in Perth if they so wish to. More deatails to follow in the coming days
Participants:McGyver, Dana, Brandon, Radar, Sparky tentative, Jimbo, Gabriel, Annalise, Veronica.

The Etmilyn Forest Diner Train Dwellingup: Friday 28th - Sunday 30th
Meeting place:Car park oppersite pioner village Armadale
Meeting time:7:00pm
Trip leader:Rusty
Tail end:Bluey Email Bluey
Details:Camping at Dwellingup for the weekend and dining on the Hotham Valley Railway restaurant train on Saturday night, a true five star dining experiance. Also may fit in some drives around the forest during the day. Please let me know If you will be dining so I can book a table/s. Caravans okay Sorry folks, Due to low numbers the Train is not running this Saturday and has been cancelled. We will go to the Hotel or resturant instead as they both put on a fine meal as well. Rusty
Extra information:
Participants:Bluey, Karen, Rusty, Diane.

Campsite Reccie - Jurien: Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th
Meeting place:10th Light Horse, Wanneroo Rd
Meeting time:9:00 AM
Trip leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:I'm checking out some beachside campsites between Jurien and Hill River, along with a closer look around the North Head and Sandy Point area. We'll choose a secluded spot along the beach and overnight it. Bring fishing and/or snorkelling gear. Towing will be unwise on this trip. PS. Sorry Pommy for doubling up on your trip. I can't do this Trip any other time.
Participants:Pluto, Paddy.
February 2011
Mundaring run: Saturday 19th
Meeting place:next to the Caltex service station ant the bottom of green mount hill
Meeting time:9:30am
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Sitting at home bord this morning, thought I would do a run up to Mundaring. If you sitting at home doing nothing come and join me. Should be home by 2pm

2011 WC4X4 AGM: Sunday 20th
Meeting place:Whiteman Park - Shade Shelter E1
Meeting time:11:30am (AGM 12:30pm)
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:After trying to book somewhere for an overnighter and not having any luck, we have again booked a shade shelter at Whiteman Park. Check the location for Shade Shelter E1 on the map in the link. Plan is to arrive at 11:30am and have a bite to eat before the AGM starts at around 12:30pm
Extra information:
Participants:Bluey, Karen, Rusty, Diane, Sparky, Smokey, Captain, Shana, Connor, Jacob, Brettski, Pluto, Leonie, Wizard, Kim, Radar, McGyver, Pommy Pete, Fish, Rooster, Haylee, Laz, Tazzy, Felicia, Riley, Emily, Goughie, Cheree, Stretch, Scam, Dahna, Blake, Screech, Kyle.

Wilbinga Fishing Trip Part 2: Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th
Meeting place:Entrance to the dunes in Two Rocks
Meeting time:11:30 am
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Camp will be somewhere along the beach @ Wilbinga. The weather looks fine for now, outgoing tide & light south westerlies for the night so should be a good one. Bring your rods'n drinks, we'll bring some games for the kids.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smokey, Marawan, Aisha (Luly).
March 2011
East of Albany Reccie: Friday 4th - Monday 7th
Meeting place:Carpark opposite Pioneer Village on Albany Hwy / Armadale
Meeting time:19:00 hrs
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Reccie east of Albany towards Waychinicup Nat Park, Cheyne Beach & Bay. Camps will change daily. Off road trailers or tents only please.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Mike & Therese visitor, Hammer visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1170Smokey's Pics

Dongara long weekender: Friday 4th - Monday 7th
Meeting place:Captains place - email me for location
Meeting time:4pm
Trip leader:Captain Email Captain
Details:We are heading up to Dongara for the long weekend on Friday night and staying at the Dongara Tourist Park (1800 052 577). If you want to join us, book yourselves a site (there are still a few left) and come along. We plan to leave at 4pm and have a lazy weekend. Main thing planned is relaxation :)
Participants:Captain, Shana, Connor, Jacob, Toolman.

Mundaring Run: Monday 7th
Meeting place:Bottom of Green mount Hill next to Red Roster
Meeting time:9:15am for a 9:30 departure
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Tail end:Radar
Details:Power line is getting a bit old, We will be doing track near the Dam wall.
Participants:McGyver, Brandon, Buddha, Two of Tugz Mates visitor, Radar, Sparky, Chris & Zoe visitor, Callum, holly, Scam, Ian- short wheel Partol visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1169McGyver's Photos

2011 Coleman Variety 4WD Challenge - the 4WD Frontier: Friday 11th - Saturday 19th
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:TBA
Event co-ordinator:Screech Email Screech
Details:I'm toying with the idea of entering a car in this event. This is the 15th year for the 4wd challenge with all funds raised going directly to help kids. I allready have a couple of major sponsors who would be able to assist in raising the funds required. If you're at all interested in jumping on board, or even putting together a vehicle yourself please contact me. If this is to go ahead the sooner its underway the better it is to raise funds.:)
Extra information:
Participants:Screech, McGyver.

Perth Caravan & Camping Show: Thursday 17th - Monday 21st
Event co-ordinator:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Perth Caravan & Camping Show at Claremont Show ground
Extra information:
Participants:McGyver, Captain, Jacob, Connor, Tugz, Jacelyn, Laz, Goughie, Screech.

WC4X4 Committee meeting #1: Tuesday 22nd
Meeting place:McGyvers place - email for details
Meeting time:7:00pm
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:All members are invited to the first committee meeting for 2011.
Participants:Captain, Fish, Goughie, McGyver, Screech, Pommy Pete.

wilbinga fish trip pt3: Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th
Meeting place:10th light horse trail
Meeting time:5pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:going up for a fish. should be blowing easterly. camping over night
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smokey, Screech, Kyle, Tank.
Trip links:Thumbnail1172Smokey's Pics

Cape Riche: Thursday 31st - April Sunday 3rd
Meeting place:Car park opposite Pioneer Village on left hand side of Albany Hwy / Armadale
Meeting time:19:00 hrs
Reccie leader:Smokey
Details:We'll leave Thursday night, camp along the way then hopefully find camp space Friday morning for the weekend @ Cape Riche camp ground. $ 6 per person, unf. no bookings possible. The rest of Friday (if we get into Cape Riche camp ground) explore south of Cape Riche and Saturday explore north towards Grouper Bluff, hopefully with some time for a swim, fish etc back @ camp. Then Sunday head back home via Bluff Knoll. Depending on the weather, interest & time we'll try to climb Bluff Knoll. Rolling update: Mostly sunny throughout the weekend, temps 13-24, easterly winds increasing to ~20 knots Sat night. High tides up to 1 mtr @ noon & midnight (low tide @ 0.5 mtr)
Participants:Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Mike & Therese visitor, Pommy Pete, Bill visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1173Smokey's pics
April 2011
Wilbinga Campout: Friday 15th
Meeting place:10th light horse trail
Meeting time:8pm
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:To help get to the cleanup on time I will be camping on the beach.
Participants:Screech, Kyle, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Glen(Ducky) visitor, Fish, Madeleine, Cyclone, Thérèse, Pommy Pete, Sally, Kim visitor.

Wilbinga CleanUp: Saturday 16th
Meeting place:10th light horse trail
Meeting time:8am
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:Of late the Wilbinga area is getting a hammering from the 4x4 community and as such there is a marked increase in the litter in the area. To assist in keeping this area open to the public (us) the guys at the Wilbinga Shacks are trying to clean the area up. I think as we regularly use this area we should try to lend a hand. We will meet up with the guys and cart as much of the rubbish out as we can. If anyone has small trailers they can bring or use that would be great. For those who are keen to stay on we will probably be having a BBQ #### supplied by the club #### with the guys at the shacks and camp Saturday night, if you want. For those that can’t meet start or finish times don’t hesitate to come along for what you can. Late comers let me know before hand and I’ll give you my number and details to find us. Sorry about short notice.
Participants:Screech, Kyle, Smokey, Pommy Pete, Sally, Fish, Madeleine, Glen(Ducky) visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse, Zoe & Chris visitor, Kim visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1176Fish's pics
Smokey's pics

Isralite Bay Explorer: Thursday 21st - May Sunday 1st
Meeting place:car park oppersite pioner vilage Armadale
Meeting time:6 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:A visit to Esperance then east towards Isralite Bay and onwards. Off road trailers & tents only please. More info to follow.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Penny, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Screech, Kyle, Stretch, Ken & Clint visitor, Kerstie visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1185Smokey's pics

Harvey Easter Egg Hunt: Thursday 21st - Sunday 24th
Meeting place:Crn Wanneroo rd & Ocean Reef rd- Then heading down the Freeway
Meeting time:6:30pm Drive-by departure via ch10 UHF
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Due to Balingup trip being postponed I have decided to run a three day trip round the Harvey / Brunswick area. We will be leaving on Thursday night and camping at Hoffman Mill camp site. This is a DEC camp site so charges are applicable ($7 per night per person) I myself will be returning on Sunday evening around the 5pm mark. The daily agenda would be departing from Hoffman Mill camp site at 9:30am Friday, Saturday, Sunday morning for the day excursion. Any members that would like to come down just for the day is most welcome. Day 1- Friday will be around the Harvey Dam Area. Day 3-Saturday will be around Brunswick area, Day 3- Sunday we are going to look for Easter Eggs around the mud pits of Login Brook Dam and surrounding area. Hehehe McGyver loves Easter eggs. Please note there will be no water crossing attempted on this trip due to the McGyver being trip leader. Sniff
Participants:McGyver, Brandon, Sparky, Badger, Jack, Rooster, Haylee, Chris & Zoe visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1182Photos by McGyver
Photos by Chris

Easter at Big Brook Arboretum Pemberton: Friday 22nd - Tuesday 26th
Meeting place:Pemberton
Meeting time:Make your own way down or travel in groups
Trip leader:Rusty
Details:Camping down at Big Brook Arboretum DEC campgrounds Pemberton for easter. Swim in the dam, take a ride through the forrest on the tram/Train. Acctivities will include trips to the sandjunes and beaches for fishing/swimming plus some some offroading in the forrest around the area, Will be open to people who are familar with area to be trip leaders for a day to lead the rest of us lost soles. Caravans and campers are okay, first in for the best campsite as I have not been able to secure a area as yet, I will be going down early to try and mark out some spots. Fees for camping are $7:00 Adult $5:00 Consesion $2:00 per child under 16. These fees are per night per person to DEC
Extra information:
Participants:Rusty, Diane, Bluey, Karen, Riemer visitor, Craig and family visitor.

Mundaring Dash: Saturday 30th
Meeting place:Next to the Caltex service station at the bottom of Green Mount hill
Meeting time:9:45am for a 10am departure
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Sorry for been at the last hour. Taking a friend with his short wheel base Patrol up to Mundaring on Saturday morning. Thought I might as well open it up as a club trip for anybody that free on Saturday. Hopefully will be home around the 3pm mark.
Participants:McGyver, Ian visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1184Mundaring Dash Photos
May 2011
Harvey: Saturday 14th
Meeting place:car park oppersite caltex garage in Harvey
Meeting time:9 am
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:first trip this year with 6 stars hope it will be good. might even camp and have 2 days if any intrest.
Participants:Simon visitor, Ken visitor, Pommy Pete, Sally, Smokey, Radar, Cyclone, Thérèse, Rob visitor, Alan visitor, McGyver.

Dwellingup - Take No Prisoners!: Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd
Meeting place:Liberty Service Station - North Dandalup
Meeting time:19:30
Trip leader:Paddy Email Paddy
Details:A few quiet ones around the campfire (already fired-up) on Friday night and then a full 4x4 day trip on the Saturday. We can do a pub dinner on Saturday night if desired or just as happy to "eat in". A morning waterfall walk on the Sunday followed by a short, self guided, historical tour of the POW camp; then head home after lunch. Free campsite 5 minutes from town. Caravans OK. Expect the unexpected!
Participants:Captain, Connor, Paddy, Doris, Smokey, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Pluto, Leonie, Cyclone, Thérèse, Slates, Anne, Trigger & Taj visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1192Smokey's pics
June 2011
Mt. Palmer, The Vultee Vengeance & Mt. Holland: Friday 3rd - Monday 6th
Meeting place:Caltex bottom of Greenmount Hill
Meeting time:19:00
Trip leader:Smokey
Tail end:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Camp @ Mt Palmer Friday night, then towards Mt Holland via the Vultee Vengeance wreck. From there towards Hyden via the Holland Track. More info will follow. Off road campers or tents only please. UPDATE: Friday night's camp will be Mt Palmer, Saturday nights camp will hopefully be @ Mt Holland & Sunday night's camp will be @ Jilakin Rock. Depending on conditions, we'll split the convoy into two groups. If wet Group 1 (4x4's with tents) will follow Smokey to the Vultee wreck then on to Mt Holland, then along the Holland track towards Jilakin Sunday afternoon. Group two headed by Fish will follow group 1 (campers will be left @ Mt Palmer) to the Vultee wreck Saturday morning, then along the way decide if conditions are acceptable to continue to Mt Holland with campers, in which case Group 2 will return to Mt Palmer to pick up left behind camper vans while group 1 will try to play around Skelleton rock. Both groups will then reunite @ Mt Holland. Should conditions not allow that, Group two will head back to Mt Palmer Saturday night, then make their way to Hayden Sunday morning & re-unite with Group 1 along the way or @ Jilakin Rock Sunday afternoon. Now that's the plan:-) please be prepared for some adjustments! Bring your camp ovens & roasts and some firewood for Jilakin if you have space. Please note that Chris & Zoe will head north on the Holland Track towards Coolgardie Sunday morning for an extended trip until end of the week, please let them know if you wish to join them.
Participants:Sparky, Pommy Pete, Sally, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Captain, Connor, Smash, Paddy, Doris, Screech, Kyle, Rooster, Haylee tentative, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Paul & Louise visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse, Pluto, Leonie.
Trip links:Thumbnail1197Smokey's pics

Toodyay 4x4 Park: Friday 17th - Sunday 19th
Meeting place:Muchea park at 5.30pm
Meeting time:Heading up on the Friday evening
Trip leader:Goughie
Details:First time to this area but I've been told by friends from an other club that its excellent. The location is a property off Dewers Pool road of about 650 Acres. The area is hilly and there is a veriaty of challenges from easy right up to hard. So its up to you how hard you play. Obviously if you go hard there is a chance of panel damage.In the past 4x4 comps have been ran on this property. The owner will lead trips around the property, including night navs, if required so we get the most out of the area. The plan is to camp over the weekend on the property but you could come up for the day if you want. There is a cost $40 for the weekend per vehicle or $30 if you come up for the day. West Coast will be the only group there but we need a minimum of 10 vehicles. The location of Peter Rileys farm is about 4km west of the junction between Dewars Pool Road and Bindi Bindi - Toodyay Road on Dewars Pool Rd. Grid Ref - 31 26 50 South 116 23 47 East The farm house is right on the road (north side) and has a stone wall around it. Drive in past the house and follow the track around and between a couple of farm sheds. You’ll see the camp at the bottom of the paddock in front of the further most farm shed. I'm planning on travelling up friday evening, if anyone wants to meet up let me know and Ill arrange a meeting point. SORRY NO DOGS
Participants:Goughie tentative, Captain, Connor, McGyver, Brandon, Pommy Pete, Sally, Sparky, Wizard, Kim, Lee, Callum, Smokey, Radar, Cyclone, Thérèse, Smash, Trevor visitor, Bushy, Siobhan.
Trip links:Thumbnail1203Smokey's pics
July 2011
PPP Pommy's Pilbara Padventure: Friday 1st - Sunday 17th
Meeting place:cafe corner Brand hwy & Great nothern hwy at trafic lights
Meeting time:Friday night 7 PM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:From Perth to Marble Bar with a overnighter along the way. Then onto the Hamersley Ranges, Mt Ausustus & The Kennedy Ranges. Maximum 5 cars. Tents or off road campers only, prepare for early starts on travel days ~8:00 am so we can find camp ~16:00 hrs. More info will follow.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Marawan, Rusty, Diane, Kerstie visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse, Johno & Ashleigh visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1211Smokey's
Thérèse's Videos

4x4 for Canteen: Sunday 3rd
Meeting place:Leapfrogs Cafe on Joondalup Drive near junction with Wanneroo Rd
Meeting time:8.30 to 9.00am
Trip leader:Goughie
Details:The Canteen trip is on again. The plan is to take the kids up to Lancelin to play in the dunes and then up the coast to Wedge Island. As in previous years it will be drivers only leaving room for the Canteen members. We need to be back for pick up by their parents at 5PM. No visitors please.
Participants:Goughie, Captain, Sparky, Screech, Fish, Scam, McGyver, Bushy, Millsey visitor, Stephen visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1210Steve's pics
Fish' pics

Uluru and Kings Cannon : Saturday 9th - Sunday 24th
Meeting place:tba
Meeting time:tba
Trip leader:Captain Email Captain
Tail end:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:This iconic outback trip is being planned in two parts, the Uluru/Kings Canyon (for those on school holiday timing) and then on to Gibb River Road, Bungle Bungle and Broome etc... for those who can get another ~2 weeks holiday. UPDATE: Due to school and work commitments, the trip will now be miss out the Kimberlies :( As there will be many, many miles of gravel roads, while vans are more than welcome (I will have mine) they need to be up to the task.
Participants:Captain, Shana, Connor, Jacob, Liz, Grace.
Trip links:Thumbnail1214Captains pics

Rock Hopping: Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th
Meeting place:The Lakes Roadhouse
Meeting time:6pm
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:NOTE:: Date changed.:: Heading out towards the Goldfields for some R&R. No real plans, we'll make it up as we go along. Camp about 10pm Friday night. Saturday's plan will be decieded @ 9am that morning :). Returning mid afternoon Sunday.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Aaron, Sally, Paddy, Screech, Cyclone, Thérèse.
Trip links:Thumbnail1265Thérèse's Videos

Mundaring Mud Run: Saturday 23rd
Meeting place:Bottom of Green Mount hill next to Caltex service station
Meeting time:10am
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:With all this rain I am sure there will be lots of mud with slippery tracks, with some winching for good measure
Participants:McGyver, Brettski, Brad & family (McGuver freinds) visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1213Brettski's pictures and videos

Julimar : Saturday 30th
Meeting place:Bullsbrook pub
Meeting time:9.30am
Trip leader:Goughie
Details:We had a fair bit bit of fun last year so I thought we could give it another go. There is usually a bit of water in this area and few areas to get some puckering going on but not to hard
Participants:DNA, Louise visitor, Goughie, Fish, Ethan, Rowdie, Ann, McGyver, Callum, Pommy Pete, Sally, Smokey, Gerrie visitor, Turtle, Rooster, Haylee tentative, Millsy visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse, Sparky, Screech, Kyle, Smash, Wizard, Kim, Darren visitor, Ian visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1266Thérèse's Videos

Mt Cooke: Sunday 31st
Meeting place:Corner Jarradale Rd and Albany Hwy, 15 km NW of Mt Cooke
Meeting time:9:30 am
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Sorry for the late notice but I thought after a long day in the car on Saturday we could all use a bit of physical exercise ... on foot. So why not walk a bit of the Bibbulmun Track on Sunday and climb Mt Cooke along the way:-) Come on, get these dusty boots out of that cupboard & come along for that group shot on top of Mt Cooke:-) We will get wet so please come prepared.
Participants:Smokey, Marawan, Paddy, Doris, Cyclone, Kim visitor, Joao visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1219Smokey's
August 2011
Brunswick: Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th
Meeting place:car park oppersite caltex Harvey
Meeting time:9.00 am
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:going down to camp and check out some more hils. come down for the day if you dont want to camp
Participants:Cyclone, Thérèse, McGyver tentative, Smokey, Callum, Pommy Pete, Radar, Shaneo visitor, Relphy visitor, Tugs visitor.

Mystory Bring weekend: Friday 12th - Sunday 14th
Meeting place:Caltex Cataby roadhouse
Meeting time:Friday night 8--30 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Bring your 4bs cars if you like tents caravans swags ect. Dogs cameras and all the family. Dont bring any wood as there is plenty. Camping $8 per person per night over 5 Saturday tour $10 pp includes morning tee. Start about 10am. Saturday avo 4x4 trip or camp oven cook up 4 afternoon tee. Sunday tour $10 pp includes bily tee and damper. starts about 9.am or about 10.am 4 the tour. ABOUT 1 HR DRIVE FROM CATABY. Anyone going earler i can give details. You can stay longer as well if you like. There is plenty of room 4 everyone. volted most enjoyable weekend in another club one year.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Penny, Aaron, Smokey, Noha, Marawan, Saffia, Aisha (Luly), Fish, Ethan, Rooster, Haylee, Goughie, Cheree, Cyclone, Thérèse, Bluey, Karen, Shovel of Shame visitor, Wizard, Kim, Peter & Cheryl visitor, Callum, Rusty, Diane, Sarah, Boatman & Louise visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1223Fish's pics

Fremantle Prison Tunnel Tour: Sunday 21st
Meeting place:Fremantle Prison Visitor Centre
Meeting time:14:15 hrs
Event co-ordinator:Smokey
Details:The plan is to do the tunnel tour @ Fremantle prison 14:40 hrs for 2.5 hours and maybe go for a drink @ Little Creatures there after. Cost for the tour is $59 adult, $49 Concession, $39 Child above 12 yrs (sorry unf. no kids below 12 yrs allowed). No cameras are allowed either. Max 13 pax, discount for min 10 pax. If need be (more then 13 pax) we could organise a second tour @ 15:25 hrs. I need to pay for all @ time of booking so no tentatives please. Please click the below link for further information/requirements on the tunnel tour. UPDATE: SHOULD ANYONE HAVE THE ENTERTAINMENT BOOK PLEASE BRING THE TUNNEL TOUR VOUCHER WITHIN FOR A 25% DISCOUNT!
Extra information:
Participants:Cyclone, Thérèse, Pommy Pete, Aaron, Smokey, Marawan, Kerstie visitor, Smash, Amee & Kim visitor, Screech, Kyle, Brianna.
Trip links:Thumbnail1224Smokey's pics

Paynes Find--Kadji Kadji: Friday 26th - Sunday 28th
Meeting place:cafe corner Brand hwy & Great Nothern hwy at traffic lights
Meeting time:7-00pm
Reccie leader:Cyclone Email Cyclone
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Cyclone, Thérèse, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Screech, Paddy.
September 2011
Collie: Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th
Meeting place:car park oppersite pioner vilage Armadale
Meeting time:8 am
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Smokey, Pommy Pete, Sally, Radar, Cyclone, Thérèse, McGyver, Callum, Shovel of Shame visitor.

shovel off shame looks 4 fame: Wednesday 7th
Meeting place:Ayers Rock
Meeting time:3 am
Event co-ordinator:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:going to look for Paddys shovel of shame. as it has gone walk about. should be fun
Participants:Boatman, Louise, Captain, Shana, Connor, Jacob, Brettski, Shovel of Shame visitor, Paddy, Doris, Cyclone, Thérèse, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, McGyver, Pommy Pete, Aaron, Sally, Penny, Rusty, Diane, Screech, Sharon, Kyle, Brianna, Slates, Anne, Smokey, Noha, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Marawan, Sparky, Gail, Tank, Debbie, Cameron, Emma, Joshua.
Trip links:Thumbnail1229Smokey's

Toodyay camp: Friday 9th
Meeting place:caltex servo bottom Toodyay rd Middle swan
Meeting time:7.pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:For the ones going up Friday night
Participants:Pommy Pete, Screech, Kyle, Stretch, Joshua, Turtle, Scam, Blake.

Toodyay 4x4 Park revisited: Saturday 10th - Sunday 11th
Meeting time:Head up individually
Trip leader:Goughie
Tail end:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Heading back up to Toodyay Park for a bit more fun. There is a good camping area with access for caravans and toilets. Again there is the opertunity to play hard if you want to, but also there is the chicken track option. The guys who went previously certianly had a good time so give it a go. There is a cost $40 for the weekend per vehicle or $30 if you come up for the day. The location of Peter Rileys farm (Tannahill Park) is about 4km west of the junction between Dewars Pool Road and Bindi Bindi - Toodyay Road on Dewars Pool Rd. Grid Ref - 31 26 50 South 116 23 47 or about 30km east from the junction with the Great Northern Highway. The farm house is on the north side of the road and has a stone wall around it. There will be a sign Tannahill Park. at the front of the property. Drive in past the house and follow the track around and between a couple of farm sheds. You’ll see the camp ground at the bottom of the paddock in front of the further most farm shed. SORRY NO DOGS
Participants:Wizard, David visitor, Pommy Pete, Sally, Penny, DNA, Amanda, Goughie, Cyclone, Thérèse, MS visitor, Screech, Kyle, Sparky, Bushy, Siobhan, Hannah, McGyver, Turtle, Karl visitor, Millsey visitor, Trevor visitor, Scam, Dahna, Blake, Stretch, Joshua, Radar, Bluey.
Trip links:Thumbnail1230DnA's Pics

Club's Birthday: Friday 16th - Sunday 18th
Meeting place:First P bay 1.5 km past Rock Inn Tavern Karragullen, Brookton Hwy. (-32.11259, 116.14261)
Meeting time:7- oo pm
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:camping at Yornaning. with a byo party, bush walks and byo bush cooking. If anyone has wood for the fire thow it in :)
Participants:Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Cyclone, Thérèse, Screech, Stretch, Trudy, Aaron, Joshua, Shovel of Shame visitor.

Mystery Alaska: Friday 16th - Monday 26th
Meeting place:Pier 66 Seattle Washington USA
Meeting time:11:30
Trip leader:Paddy Email Paddy
Tail end:Doris Email Doris
Participants:Paddy, Doris, Shovel.of Shame visitor.

Marrinup Camp revisted ( Dwellingup): Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th
Meeting place:Make your own way to Marrinup Camp site either Friday night or Sat
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:Marrinup Camp revisted (Dwellingup)Family weekend around camp fire and take another look at the POW camp and the falls now that we have had plenty of rain.Going to go on the Hotham Valley day train trip on Saturday and a small drive around the tracks either Saturday or Sunday before departing camp. Contact me if you don't know where the camp is.
Extra information:
Participants:Shovel of Shame visitor, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Cyclone, Thérèse, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Pommy Pete, Sally, Captain, Connor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1235Smokey's
October 2011
Possible Xmas Party Venue Reccie: Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd
Meeting place:Caltex, Bottom of Greenmount Hill
Meeting time:10:00 am
Reccie leader:Smokey
Details:Checking out possible party and camping areas close to Perth. Camp or come home Saturday night.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Smokey, Marawan, Cyclone, Thérèse.

Dwellingup Explora: Friday 7th - Sunday 9th
Meeting place:old shell garage Jarradale south west hwy
Meeting time:7-00pm
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Cyclone, Smokey, Marawan, Paddy, Michael & Helen visitor.

Goldfields Wanderings: Saturday 8th - Wednesday 12th
Meeting place:tba
Meeting time:tba
Trip leader:Captain Email Captain
Tail end:Liz
Details:Have decided to go for a Goldfields wandering. Plan is to bush camp east of Southern Cross (probably Mt Palmer) and have a base camp there for a few day and try and scout some historical sites. Then drift back home over the next few days, probably via Hyden. No set plans, just want to get away and be in the bush. You will need to be self suffcient for several days for bush camping, no power or water available. NOTE: had to change dates, now leaving on Saturday of the middle weekend of the school holidays.
Participants:Liz, Grace, Captain, Shana, Connor, Jacob.

Helena and Aurora Ranges: Wednesday 12th - Sunday 16th
Meeting place:Caltex, bottom of Greenmount Hill
Meeting time:19:00 hrs
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Update: Due to work related challenges, I have changed the timing & location of the former 2011 Goldfields trip and we are now planning to visit the Helena and Aurora Ranges via Lakd Baladjie during the last four days of the school holidays, then head north through Mount Manning Nature Reserve and beyond.
Participants:Smokey, Marawan, Cyclone, Thérèse, Pommy Pete, Sally, Shovel of Fame visitor, Captain, Shana, Connor, Jacob.

Pinjar Mystery Night Nav: Friday 21st
Meeting place:Behind the BP service station on the corner of Wanneroo Road and ocean Reef Road
Meeting time:5:55pm for a 6pm departure
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:McGyver has not done a night navigation for some time, so I thought it was about time to do one. Hopefully be home by 9:30pm. Most probably go in at the back of Wanneroo and up the power line to S Bend Hill and then around that area and finishing off at the 4 Hills near the power station.
Participants:McGyver, Smokey, Marawan, Smash, Cookie, Lynda, Turtle, Cyclone, Thérèse, Captain, Jacob, Pommy Pete, Sally, Callum.

Day trip out of Armadale: Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd
Meeting place:car park oppersite pioner vilage Armadale
Meeting time:9.00 am
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Doing a day trip out of Armadale with a camp over 4 those who want 2
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Aaron, Shane visitor, Smokey, Marawan, Cyclone, Thérèse, Johno visitor, Screech, Kyle.

Wellington Dam ( Queens Long weekend Friday to Sunday): Friday 28th - Sunday 30th
Meeting place:I will be going down Friday Morning
Meeting time:9.00am my place
Trip leader:Bluey Email Bluey
Tail end:Wizard
Details:Hi guys, Heading down to the dam for a bit of RnR and will be doing a little 4X4ing not to fussed, but you are more than welcome to come and lead out whoever, will be camping 2 Km south of our usual spot it is flatter and wider. lat=-33.4290126363,lon=116.006998433 off Bussel Brook Rd. Ps: Sorry will be towing down my caravan so i won't be able to take a car trailer down to bring home all the POOtrols hehe I will be going down friday morning as i have to work late thursday, see you there, PS leave room for my big van boys and girls.
Participants:Phil & Kerry visitor, Garry visitor, Phill visitor, Bluey, Karen, Verna visitor, Cookie, Lynda, Turtle, Wizard, Kim, Lee, Cyclone, Thérèse.

McGyver Photo of his Jeep having a nana nap: Friday 28th
Event co-ordinator:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Photo and video of the McGyver's Jeep laying on its side.
November 2011
Guy Fawkes Night: Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th
Meeting place:Caltex servo. bottom of greenmount hill. Midland
Meeting time:2.39 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:camp out if you like, or come home.wont be going to far. will leave about 5.pm
Participants:Smokey, Noha, Marawan, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Rusty, Diane, Pommy Pete, Sally, Aaron, Penny, Shovel of Shame visitor, Paddy, Cyclone, Screech, Ethan , Kyle, Smash, Captain, Shana, Connor, Jacob.

Stirling Ranges & Lake Dumbleyung: Friday 11th - Sunday 13th
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Pommy, Graham (Pommy's mate), Rusty, Diane & Smokey joined GoBush 4x4 on their trip to the Stirling Ranges this weekend. We climbed Bluff Knoll and traveled through the ranges from west to east on Saturday & climbed Mt Hassel on Sunday. On the way back we stoped @ Lake Dumbleyung. Enjoy the pictures.
Trip links:Thumbnail1246Smokey's

Perth 4WD Show: Friday 18th - Sunday 20th
Meeting place:McCallum Park (near the Causeway) Victoria Park.
Meeting time:10am to 6pm
Event co-ordinator:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:McCallum Park (near the Causeway) Victoria Park.
Extra information:
Participants:Laz, Goughie, McGyver, Captain, Fish, Smokey.

go camping: Friday 25th
Meeting place:go camping shop Erindale rn Balcatta oppersite BP garage
Meeting time:6 pm
Meeting convener:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Having a sausage sizzel at Derick camping shop and 4 those who want to buy something 4 the summer
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smokey.

Xmass party: Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th
Meeting place:Caltex servo. bottom of greenmount hill. Midland
Meeting time:11 am
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smokey, Marawan, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Cyclone, Thérèse, Rooster, Haylee, Paddy, Doris, Boatman, Louise, Conor, Nahtalia visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1247Smokey's
West Coast 4X4 - The Stig Award

Namibian Dune trip - Africa: Sunday 27th
Meeting place:Swakopmund, Namibia cnr Otavia and Sam Nujome Ave
Meeting time:8:00am
Trip leader:Captain Email Captain
Details:A trip with the Desert Dune 4x4 Club of Namibia thru the dunes near Swakopmund has been organised. Transport will be provided and include a very modified H3 Hummer and a Pajero with a Lexus V8 motor. Other vehicles will also be along and if you hurry up and book with Qantas and leave by Friday, you should be able to get to Walvis Bay Airport where we will pick you up. These dunes are huge and make Lancelin seem like pimples - make sure you pack extra underwear as thes Namibian drivers are mad! Also, make sure you check out the pics after the trip :) (who said all work trips were boring!!!)
Participants:Captain, Jacques vanderMerwe visitor, Quikk visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1248Captains pics
December 2011
Sandy Cape Escape: Friday 9th - Sunday 11th
Meeting place:Sandy Cape - Sign-posted turnoff is here: -30.21959, 115.03745
Meeting time:Make your own way there. Turn up anytime.
Trip leader:Paddy Email Paddy
Details:Heading to one of our favourite summer spots. Shire camping fees apply. Saturday day trip including a nice dune playground, but other than that; do your own thing. We will head up on the Thursday. Sites are on a first come basis. Caravans OK. Email me if you need instructions.
Extra information:
Participants:Paddy, Doris, Cyclone, Thérèse, Rusty, Diane.

PEACEFUL BAY: Monday 26th - January Tuesday 3rd
Meeting place:BP Servo south western hwy between Pinjarra & Waroona
Meeting time:10-30 am
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete, Penny, Aaron, Sally, Smokey, Noha, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Marawan, Paddy, Doris, Pluto, Leonie, Captain, Shana, Connor, Jacob, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Rooster, Haylee, Cyclone, Thérèse, Rusty, Diane, Liz, Grace.
Trip links:Thumbnail1251pommy's pix
Smokey's Pics