January 2018
South Coast for the Au Day weekend: Wednesday 24th - Tuesday 30th
Meeting place:Boranup Camp, Caves Rd
Meeting time:As Required
Trip leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:We've made our way down to the Margaret River Region for the long weekend. If anyone would like to catch up at any time, Please contact me via email or phone.
Participants:Pluto, Leonie.
February 2018
Dwellinup Explorer : Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th
Meeting place:Sero at the corner of south western hwy and Del park road
Meeting time:8 pm
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Heading down to Dwellinup Friday night. Smokey is coming down Saturday morning so anyone wants to come for a day trip they are welcome. Will be exploring, swimming and canoeing.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smiley, Smokey, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Fish, Blokka, Gail , Howie.
March 2018
Over night along the Murray (Dwellingup): Saturday 3rd - February Sunday 4th
Meeting place:Servo Del Park Rd & South West Hway
Meeting time:12.00
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:I have cancelled the Wilbinga Trip as not as not able to get confirmation of Wilbinga access anymore. Not going away for the long weekend, but have Saturday night free so I thought we would go to a bush camp along the Murray Dwellingup. Bit of driving, swimming (R&R. No camper trailers or caravans on this one.) Must be self-sufficient no facilities. Be home Sunday afternoon sometime. Suggest you buy an annual Park Pass if you have not got one 50% off if you are a RAC member. Suggest you buy a Park Pass if you have not got one.
Participants:Fish, Madeleine, Ethan, Pommy Pete.

AGM 2018: Saturday 10th
Meeting place:Hunter Barrel - Whitfords Shopping Centre
Meeting time:5pm
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:That time of year again... already! All welcome to come along to the WC4X4 AGM. The AGM will be held in the evening at the Hunter Barrel Restaurant at Whitfords Shopping Centre. The club will sponsor a $25 subsidy per membership towards the meal, but you must register to attend by Friday 2nd March to receive the subsidy. The plan is to meet at 5pm and have the AGM at 6pm, followed by dinner.
Extra information:
Participants:Captain, Shana, Paddy, Doris, Fish, Vilma, Screech, Sharon, Miley, Ethan , McGyver, Blokka, Gail , Pluto, Leonie, Pommy Pete, Aaron.

Pinjara Power station: Friday 16th
Meeting place:BP service station on crn Wanneroo road & Ocean Reef road
Meeting time:6pm
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Trying out my new Jeep soft roader (smile) at the Pinjara power 4x hill and maybe the S bend hill.

Easter 2018 Lucky Bay (south of Kalbarri): Thursday 29th - April Monday 2nd
Meeting place:Wilbinga Grove
Meeting time:6.30pm
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:It's been a few years thought I would go to Lucky Bay again this Easter. Something for everyone...bring your boats, canoes, snorkelling gear. Depart Perth Thursday evening with overnight camp at Cliff Head. Arrive at Lucky Bay (approx. 40 kms south of Kalbarri) Friday morning. Must be completely self-sufficient as no water is available.UPDATE DUE TO NEW RULES WE WILL NOW BE CAMPING A BIT FURTHER BACK FROM BEACH IN A NEW AREA WHERE TOILET BLOCKS HAVE NOW BEEN BUILT. NEW RULE "If you do not have a portable chemical toilet you must camp in areas where ablutions are provided". Access is now great hard ground to camp area.Link below is 2014 photos of Lucky Bay.If you want to make your own way earlier that's fine with me or join us Thursday night. Note now $15 per vehicle per night, which is still very cheap compared to other places.
Extra information:
Participants:Blokka, Gail , Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Audra & Stephen visitor, Pommy Pete, Smiley, Leeland, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Stratt, Nat, Ethan, & Dane visitor, Captain, Shana, Heather, Connor, McGyver, Branka(McGyvers girl friend) visitor.
April 2018
Treeadventure obstacle courses Dwellingup: Friday 13th - Sunday 15th
Meeting place:at Marrinup camp site ( Dwellingup)
Meeting time:Friday night or Saturday morning
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:Update Treeadventure Park has now been booked for Pommy Streech & kids and us for 11.30am Saturday morming. Saturday arvo we can go to the river for a swim, pane;l or drive on the tracks. Plenty of room at camp for tents, campers or caravans on this one, if you wish to come and join us.
Extra information:
Participants:Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Pommy Pete, Aaron, Screech, Ethan , Miley.

Wave Rock and surrounding area.: Saturday 21st - Sunday 22nd
Meeting place:parking pay at the bottom of Brookton Hwy on the left hand site just pass Carradine Rd Armadale (just opposite the old Pioneer Village) is a car park area.
Meeting time:Departure time is 8am 14th
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Wave Rock and surrounding area. Heading out Saturday morning to Hyden, Wave rock, lake Magic for sunset photos, Hippo’s Yawn and Mulka’s Cave. There is no free camping in this area so we have to stay at the Hyden Caravan park, for a unpowered site is $30 per night and $38 for a powered site. I have not found a free camp area at this stage. There is also a fee of $12 entrance to Wave Rock itself. Departure time is 8am 14th at a parking pay at the bottom of Brookton Hwy on the left hand site just pass Carradine Rd Armadale (just opposite the old Pioneer Village) is a car park area.
Participants:McGyver, Brandon, Immi, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Pommy Pete, Smiley, Shayla, Leeland, Smokey.

Exploring : Tuesday 24th - Sunday 29th
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:7 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Going Exploring places we often drive past
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smokey.

Lane Poole - Nanga Mill: Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th
Meeting place:tba
Meeting time:~2pm
Trip leader:Captain Email Captain
Details:Heading down to Dwellingup for a few nights camping. Plan is to do some of the walking and bike trails, along with some 4WDriving. Camp fires finally back in season so bring some firewood along.
Participants:Captain, Shana.

Trip to the Tip: Saturday 28th - September Wednesday 5th
Meeting place:As Agreed
Meeting time:As agreed
Trip leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:This trip will take us initially into South Australia, visiting the peninsulas, Gawler and Flinders/Gammon Ranges, venturing into Queensland via the Strezleki Track and meandering through Central Qld via the Dinosaur trail, before making our way to Cape York. We will return via Lawn Hill Gorge and Alice Springs, followed by side trips into the Western Simpson Desert and cutting back through the Western Gawlers from Coober Pedy, and finally back to WA via the Nullabor. If you would like to tag along for part or all of the trip, {lease get in touch.
May 2018
McGyver birthday fire: Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:9 am or 10.30 in Beverley
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Having a camp fire for McGyver birthday. All welcome and caravans
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smiley, Shayla, Leeland, McGyver, Branka, Immi, Brandon, Howie, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Captain, Gabby, Blokka, Gail .

Committee Meeting: Thursday 10th
Meeting place:Macca's place
Meeting time:7pm
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:All welcome to attend the WC4X4 Committee meeting......... PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE TO THURSDAY 10th MAY
Participants:Captain, Fish, Surf, Pommy Pete, McGyver.
June 2018
Rock hunting north east : Friday 1st - Monday 4th
Meeting place:Muchea or Calingiri
Meeting time:6.45 or 8pm
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:All caravans welcome. All pets welcome. Will be traveling in a clockwise direction around north east wheat belt.will move camp every day hopefully by 10 am.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smokey, Smiley, McGyver, Branka, Stretch, Joshua.

Mitch's 18th campfire, Ledge point: Sunday 3rd - Monday 4th
Meeting place:Ocean View Tavern
Meeting time:1.00 pm
Trip leader:Surf Email Surf
Details:Mitch ( Yoda )just wants to go camping for his 18th so we are going to Ledge point for a overnighter. Will be camping behind dunes in usual spot.
Participants:Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Blokka, Gail .

Gibb River Road: Tuesday 5th - July Friday 13th
Trip leader:Paddy Email Paddy
Tail end:Doris Email Doris
Details:If you are in the area around this time, give us a call/message and see if we can meet up. Dates will vary subject to weather / whether (I get out of bed in the morning). Leaving "Mabel" (caravan) in Derby and sleeping in the back of the Cruiser for Western side of GRR & Mitchell.
Participants:Paddy, Doris.

Dwellinup tree top adventure : Friday 8th - Sunday 10th
Meeting place:Corner of South western hwy & Del park road north Dandalup at the servo
Meeting time:8. PM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Tree top adventure and Sally's birthday. Will camp at the usual spot.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Kane visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse.

Far North Queensland: Thursday 21st - July Tuesday 24th
Trip leader:Blokka Email Blokka
Details:Heading through the Great Central, up the Stewart Hwy to Mt Isa, then up to Cape York, cruising down the East Coast taking in the Great Barrier Reef and some of the Islands along the way. Heading West through NSW and then back across the Nullarbor. If you are around the area or would like to catch up along the way or tag along please contact me.

Gibb River Rd and the Kimberleys: Thursday 28th - July Sunday 22nd
Meeting place:Muzz Buzz ( NW corner Joondalup shopping center carpark.
Meeting time:5.00 pm
Trip leader:Surf Email Surf
Details:Exploring the Gibb River Rd and the Kimberleys, Windjana gorge, Tunnel creek, Mitchell falls, Manning gorge, El Questro station, Zebadee springs, Bungle Bungles and everything in between. probably hit Karajini on the way home. I have an Itinerary if anyone wants a closer look.
Participants:Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Hammer visitor, Pommy Pete, Aaron, Tamara visitor, Howie, Liam .
August 2018
Camp out : Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th
Meeting place:Beverly
Meeting time:2 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Smokey, Pommy Pete.

Sally's camp fire: Friday 24th - Sunday 26th
Meeting place:Marrarup. Dwellinup
Meeting time:8.pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Hoping to sit around the camp fire with Sally this time weather permitting. Bring a bag of fire wood if you can. Meeting at camp Friday or Saturday night.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Wrx visitor, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Captain, Shana, Pluto, Leonie, Stretch, Joshua, Smiley.

Wildflower Sightseeing: Thursday 30th - September Monday 3rd
Meeting place:Joondalup..... or meet up along the way.
Meeting time:5pm
Trip leader:Captain Email Captain
Details:Wanting to see the wildflowers so heading north east via Dandaragan, Badgingarra, Eneabba, Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs, Migenew and Mullewa. Going for 4 days and staying wherever we get to along the way. Must be self-sufficent as not planning to be in any caravan parks.
Participants:Captain, Shana, Pluto, Leonie.
September 2018
McGyver night Navigation North: Friday 7th
Meeting place:Behind the BP service station on the corner of Wanneroo Rd & Ocean Reef Rd
Meeting time:6:00pm
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Been away oversea for 10 weeks & need to get my 4WDing fix. Looking at going to Willbinga or Pinjar area. Not sure at this stage
Participants:McGyver, Surf, Yoda.

McGyver Mudaring night Nav: Friday 14th
Meeting place:Car park next to Red rooster at the bottom of Green Mt Hill, Great Eastern Hwy
Meeting time:6pm on a Friday night
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Sorry for the late posting. I have a free Friday night again so why not go 4wding. This time going up to Mundaring for a look around the old tracks near the dam wall and the bit of the power line below the dam wall. Nothing to serious as I drive a soft off road I have been told. hehe

Pollen Count Base (PCB): Friday 21st - Saturday 22nd
Meeting place:Caltex cnr Toodyay Rd and Lewis Jones Cross,Stratton
Meeting time:5:30pm
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Tail end:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Sneaking up to setup base camp for the weekend of flower hunting and "Wildflower explosion".
PCB is about 250km from Meeting place. And we will "catch up with Macca" Saturday morning.
Please note: departure time may change so if your name is not on here I may leave you behind :P
Participants:Screech, Ethan , Miley, McGyver, Branka, Captain, Shana, Scam, Tina, Blake, Stretch, Trudy, Joshua, Paddy.

Queen Birthday long weekend - Wildflower explosion : Saturday 22nd - Monday 24th
Meeting place:Bottom of red hill on Toodyay Rd on the corner of Lewis Jones Cross road
Meeting time:8:30am
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Wildflower explosion on the Grant Loop wild flower trail. From Toodyay to Wongan Hill loop. More details to follow. We are taking our camping trailer
Participants:McGyver, Branka, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Paddy, Captain, Shana, Scam, Tina, Blake, Stretch, Trudy, Joshua.

Marrinup Mountain Biking Weekend: Friday 28th - Sunday 30th
Meeting place:Marrinup Campground
Meeting time:6:30pm
Trip leader:Captain Email Captain
Details:Camping at Marrinup this weekend to ride the bikes on the cycling tracks in the area. Leaving at 4:30pm after work and can either meet up along the way or just make your own way down. Heading back Sunday arvo, or maybe even Monday if time off work can be organised. There is a huge amount of cycling tracks in the area, great for all ages and abilities to join in for a bike ride. Or explore the area in your 4WD and join in at the campfire each night. Plan to head into Dwellingup on Saturday to watch the Game at the pub.
Participants:Captain, Shana, Connor.
October 2018
Cruising SW WA with Canadian Friends: Monday 8th - Thursday 18th
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:TBA
Trip leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:A sight seeing jaunt, with guests from Canada, of the South West, including Hyden, Stirling Ranges, Albany, Walpole, Pemberton, Margaret River and Marrinup.

Girt by land: Friday 12th - Sunday 14th
Meeting place:Carpark oposite Pioneer Village Armadale (-32.149089, 116.025408)
Meeting time:6pm (variable)
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:Heading SE to find some instances of 'Girt by land' (Lakes).
First night out is 200km trip (non stop) to base camp. From there we'll do some sight seeing Saturday then back to camp for some cooking. Home Sunday.
Vans campers etc. more than welcome. Can bring water toys if ya keen.
Participants:Screech, Ethan , Miley, McGyver, Branka, Fish, Madeleine, Ethan, Stretch, Trudy, Aaron.

somewhere new: Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th
Meeting place:Muchea play ground
Meeting time:12 noon
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:we are camping but can be a day trip less than a hours drive from Muchea checking out some new places.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smokey.
November 2018
Perth 4wd show: Friday 9th - Sunday 11th
Meeting place:NA
Meeting time:NA
Event co-ordinator:Surf Email Surf
Details:Perth 4WD show is on again for those who have a deep burning need for the latest and greatest.
Extra information:
Participants:Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Fish, Captain, McGyver, Branka, Pommy Pete.

Post Show BBQ: Sunday 11th
Meeting place:Pluto's Place
Meeting time:5:00 PM
Event co-ordinator:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:As usual, we'll be holding a BBQ after the 4wd show. BYOG. We will supply meat and salads but if anyone wants to bring a salad, please let us know so we don't double up.
Participants:Pluto, Leonie, Fish, Vilma, Pommy Pete.
December 2018
Xmas Party/Gathering : Saturday 1st
Meeting place:Leap Frogs Cafe, 25 Droves Place, Wannerro
Meeting time:6pm
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:It this time of the year to get into the Christmas spirit and like every year we have our 4wd xmas party. This year we thought we would have it closure to home so not to far to travel and have a meal together. This place makes very nice pizza. I will also post a trip before this for those keen on having a round of mini golf first. PLEASE NOTE I WILL NEED NUMBERS TO BOOK TABLES SO BY ADDING YOU NAME AND PARTNERS/ KIDS TO THIS TRIP
Participants:McGyver, Branka, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Captain, Shana, Pommy Pete, Sally, Aaron, Screech, Ethan , Miley.

Pre-xmas party mini golf: Saturday 1st
Meeting place:Wanneroo Botanic Gardens Mini golf, 25 Droves Place, Wannerro
Meeting time:3pm
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Pre-xmas party mini golf. For those how like a pit of fun and a competition to see who the best mini golf there is, come along to. There will be some small prizes for different things.
Participants:McGyver, Branka, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Pommy Pete, Aaron, Screech, Ethan , Miley.