January 2019
Martin Tank campsite: Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th
Meeting place:Mid morning at Port Kennedy or at Martin Tank campsite
Meeting time:We going to head down around mid morning from
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Last minute get away to a place We have not been to call Martin Tank campsite, near present beach. You need to book and pay online. Detail are: https://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/site/martins-tank-campground
Extra information:
Participants:McGyver, Branka.

Australian day long weekend: Friday 25th - Monday 28th
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:TBA
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:We have a long weekend coming up in Jan 2019. We are planing to go down to the Margret River reign. Do the 3 Bear Track & injidup Natural Spa. Still looking for a free camp site down there
Participants:McGyver, Pluto, Leonie.
February 2019
Boorna Waanginy: Monday 11th
Meeting place:Corner of kings park rd and Fraser ave west Perth
Meeting time:8. PM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:A walk through part of kings park looking at the spectacular light show.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Darren pommies brother visitor.

Dwellinup : Saturday 16th
Meeting place:Dwellinup pub
Meeting time:11 AM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete.

Sandy: Saturday 23rd
Meeting place:Ocean view tavern
Meeting time:10 AM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Easy day trip to the sand dunes
Participants:Pommy Pete, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Paddy, Blokka, Gail , Steve, Sophie, Nat, John and Julie visitor.
March 2019
Pemberton get away: Friday 1st - Monday 4th
Meeting place:BP petrol station southbound Baldivis
Meeting time:7.00 pm
Trip leader:Surf Email Surf
Details:We need our dose of southern beach. Will camp around sues bridge on Friday night. Head down to Pemberton, the dunes and the beach from there and do a few tracks. Need to be self sufficient for a few days. Will need national parks pass. This will not be suitable for trailers so tents and swags only please.
Participants:Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Pommy Pete, Steve Sophie visitor, John & Julie visitor, Blokka, Gail , Howie.

Drags: Wednesday 13th
Meeting place:Perth motor plex
Meeting time:6 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Aaron is taking his Skyline down for a run if anyone wants to watch or go passenger.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Aaron, Julie, Jessica and Dyon visitor, Surf, Book worm, Yoda.

Perth Caravan & Camping show: Wednesday 20th - Sunday 24th
Meeting place:Claremont show grounds
Meeting time: Opening times between 9am to 5pm
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:2019 Perth Caravan & Camping show
Participants:McGyver, Surf, Mavis, Captain, Shana.

Wilbinga night run: Friday 22nd
Meeting place:10th light horse ( its reopened )
Meeting time:6.30 pm
Trip leader:Surf Email Surf
Details:Going to do a night run in Wilbinga for some fun. you cannot explain the adventure of beach driving at night.
Participants:Surf, Book worm, Yoda, Steve visitor, Blake visitor, Nat visitor.

Pissup at Bluey's: Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th
Meeting place:10 Gertrude ave Champion Lakes
Meeting time:5pm
Trip leader:Bluey Email Bluey
Details:Hi Peeps long time no see,i would like to invite you all to come and join me and Karen celebrate 40 years of dating, as i might not make 40 year of marriage that is still 5 years away haha I'm having a party in the backyard with a Marquee dance floor and D/J finger food will be supplied through out the night, bring your drinks and yes plenty of room for camping or caravans as always, PLEASE KEEP IT QUIET AS KAREN DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT IT
Participants:Bluey, Pommy Pete, Aaron.

WC4X4 AGM 2019: Saturday 30th
Meeting place:Kings Park, May Drive, near Zamias Cafe at the Adventure Playground area
Meeting time:From 11am, 12 noon for the AGM
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:Well folks is time for the 2019 AGM already. This year were holding the AGM at Kings Park, hopefully a more central location for all. Bring your chairs and we will try and set up under a shady tree at the Adventure Playground area, near Zamias.
Participants:Captain, Shana, Pluto, Leonie, Surf, Mavis, Fish, Pommy Pete, Sparky, McGyver.

Guilderton to Seabird : Sunday 31st
Meeting place:Ocean view tavern
Meeting time:9.30 am
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Easy trip up the beach and stay for a while before heading to Seabird.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Surf, Mavis, Ziggy, Book worm, Yoda, Rambo, McGyver.
April 2019
Northam Motor Festival : Saturday 6th
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:10 AM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete.

Max Pinjarra: Sunday 7th
Meeting place:Shell sero corner of Jarradale rd and South Hwy Jarradale
Meeting time:10 AM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Hot rods,Street Machines and Motor bikes on display.
Participants:Pommy Pete.

York motorcycle festival : Saturday 13th
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:10.30 am
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete.

WC4X4 Committee Meeting: Tuesday 16th
Meeting place:Captains Place in Joondalup - email or text me for address
Meeting time:7pm
Trip leader:Captain Email Captain
Details:The first Committee meeting for 2019 is at Captains place and all are welcome. Please email me any General Business items.
Participants:Captain, Shana, Fish, Surf, Pommy Pete, Pluto.

Easter 2019 Lucky Bay (south of Kalbarri): Thursday 18th - Sunday 22nd
Meeting place:Wilbinga Grove
Meeting time:6.30pm
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:As I was unable to make it last year, I thought I would put it up again for next Easter. Plenty of things to do providing you love the beach. bring your boats, canoes, snorkelling gear. Depart Perth Thursday evening with overnight camp at Cliff Head. Arrive at Lucky Bay (approx. 40 kms south of Kalbarri) Friday morning. Must be completely self-sufficient as no water is available.If you want to make your own way earlier that's fine with me or join us Thursday night. Note now $15 per vehicle per night, which is still very cheap compared to other places.
Extra information:
Participants:Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Pluto, Leonie, Audra & Stephen visitor, Captain, Shana, Blokka, Gail , Aka Skipper and Sweet Pea visitor.
May 2019
Dwelling pre campfire trip: Friday 17th - Saturday 18th
Meeting place:Puma service station, crn Ocean Reef road & Cabernet Loop, Pearsall
Meeting time:4:30pm Departure
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Surf is having a campfire trip in Dwellingup but can’t make down there till lunch time Saturday 18 May. For those people that want to come down Friday evening can. We should arrive at campsite between 6-6:30pm. Saturday morning after breakfast take a drive to the P.O.W campsite & have a walk around
Participants:Dave & Lisa visitor, McGyver, Cyclone, Thérèse, Screech, Miley, Pommy Pete, Gadget.

Campfire in Dwellingup: Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th
Meeting place:Corner of South western hwy & Del park road north Dandalup at the servo
Meeting time:1 pm
Trip leader:Surf Email Surf
Details:We are having campfire withdrawals so we are going to Dwellingup for a overnighter. Camping at Marrinup camp. Campers and vans will be fine.
Participants:Surf, Book worm, Pommy Pete, McGyver, Cyclone, Thérèse, Skipper, Sophie (Sweet Pea), Blokka, Gail , Gadget.

Rope course : Saturday 18th
Meeting place:Marrarup camp site
Meeting time:10 AM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Going to do the rope course again if anyone wants to do it
Participants:Pommy Pete.

In the hills : Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th
Meeting place:1st servo in Karragullin Brookton Hwy
Meeting time:12.noon
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Just camping in the hills.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smokey.

Meeting point : Friday 31st
Meeting place:Pullin just passed traffic lights Great Northern Hwy Muchae
Meeting time:6.30 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:If anyone wants to go in convoy Friday night to camp
Participants:Pommy Pete, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Surf, Mavis, Book worm, Cyclone, Thérèse, McGyver, Branka, Blokka, Gail .
June 2019
Wheat belt exploring : Saturday 1st - Monday 3rd
Meeting place:Lake Ninan
Meeting time:9.30 am
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:The hunt for Andrews Tank. 1st night Friday at Wogan Hills. 2nd night either at Baladjie rock or Elachbutting rock. 3rd night either lake Brown or Gabbin hall witch we can check out Saturday morning. Leaving camp about 10 am .
Participants:McGyver, Branka, Pommy Pete, Surf, Mavis, Book worm, Screech, Brianna, Ethan , Miley, Blokka, Gail , Stretch, Trudy, Aaron, Joshua, Cyclone, Thérèse.

We’re late: Saturday 1st - Monday 3rd
Meeting place:Where we find them
Meeting time:Leaving after lunch
Trip leader:Brianna Email Brianna
Details:Leaving late and catching up with Pommy’s trip
Participants:Nelson visitor, Joshua visitor, Natalie visitor.
July 2019
Pinjar sand hills and mud: Friday 5th
Meeting place:Car park opposite Shell petrol station on Wanneroo road near the corner of Ocean Reef road
Meeting time:6:20pm for a 6:30pm departure
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Sorry for the late posting but need to get my 4wd fix. Doing a night navigation through the Pinjar bush. Do S bent hill, track and might find some mud on the tracks

Balingup : Friday 12th - Sunday 14th
Meeting place:Camping a Grimwade campsite
Meeting time:I am heading down Friday night but other can c
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:I am running a trip to Balingup, probably head down Friday night and camp at Grimwade, people can head down Saturday if they want. Then do some 4wd tracks on Saturday and Sunday if people are keen. Most probably Leave campsite at 10am on Saturday to hit the tracks
Participants:McGyver, Badger, Jack, Sparky.

Mundaring. Old black boy track: Saturday 20th
Meeting place:Next to Red Roster at the bottom Green mount Hill
Meeting time:9:30am
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:lets go back do the tracks at the bottom of Mundaring Dam. The area we will be exploring is called Black Boy tracks, CV Hill etc

Saturday night Wilbinga trip: Saturday 27th
Meeting place:6pm
Meeting time:Parking lot opposite Shell service station on Wann
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Sorry for the last minute posting of this trip. Just need to get out 4wding. So if you free come alone. I have added a google map drop pine link at the bottom https://goo.gl/maps/QnKBL7anDbNFTCQn6
Extra information:
Participants:McGyver, Brandon.
August 2019
roll racing: Friday 2nd
Meeting place:Baragallo
Meeting time:6 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Aaron is taking his car to Baragallo if anyone wants to come or go passenger. $20 entry fee
Participants:Pommy Pete, Aaron, Penny, Dan visitor, Smokey.

the lake: Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th
Meeting place:Beverly just over the bridge
Meeting time:noon
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:just a over night the lake
Participants:Stretch, Trudy, Pommy Pete, Penny, Sally, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Smokey, Dan visitor, Smiley, Blokka, Gail , Howie, Liam .

Lancelin Dunes : Saturday 24th
Meeting place:Ocean view tavern
Meeting time:10 AM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Skipper, Sophie (Sweet Pea), Pommy Pete, Fish, Ethan, McGyver, Blokka, Gail .
September 2019
Flower's and camping : Friday 13th - Sunday 15th
Meeting place:Lake Ninan
Meeting time:8. PM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Going to camp at Lake Ninan and do a few small walks and sight seeing on Saturday and Sunday . Will meet at camp Friday night or 10 am Saturday morning. Bring a bag of fire wood as well.
Participants:Blokka, Gail , Ziggie, Pommy Pete, McGyver, Branka, Yogi visitor, Surf, Mavis, Paddy, Doris.

its a long weekender: Friday 27th - October Tuesday 1st
Meeting place:tba
Meeting time:6pm (variable)
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:Sneaking out Friday night. Saturday traveling up the Midlands to Warriedar Station. Then doing some day trips out from there. We will be returning Tuesday but those that have to work can return soon if they wish.
Extra information:
Participants:Screech, Sharon, Ethan , Miley, Stretch, Trudy, Aaron.

Public holiday- Trip required: Saturday 28th - Monday 30th
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:Trip Leader required
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
October 2019
Tents & Swags on the Murray (Dwellingup): Friday 4th - Sunday 6th
Meeting place:Friday night or Saturday morning at Marrngup Camp leaving camp at 9.30am
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Tail end:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Going down Friday camping at Marringup, then move out Saturday morning for a drive a long the Fireline track calling into bush camps on the way. We will end the other side of Driver Road on the banks of the Murray. There is a bit of rain coming before Saturday so there will be some mud around. Bring some a bag of firewood for Friday night as there is nothing left at Marringup, and your National Park Pass as we will be going through the gate. You could also do it as a day trip if you wanted to.
Participants:Fish, Ethan, Pommy Pete.
November 2019
Boddington Rodeo: Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd
Meeting place:Carpark oposite Pioneer village Albany Hway
Meeting time:6.30pm
Trip leader:Surf Email Surf
Details:Going to the Rodeo in Boddington. Need to book campsite with Boddington Caravan Park & Camping Area – 08 9883 4999 Tickets for the event are not on sale yet but will update when more information is available.
Extra information:
Participants:Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Pommy Pete, Cyclone, Thérèse, Blokka, Gail , McGyver, Branka.

Perth 4WD & Adventure show : Friday 8th - Sunday 10th
Meeting place:McCallum Park, Victory Park
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Perth 4WD & Adventure show
Extra information:
Participants:McGyver, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Captain, Shana, Pommy Pete.

Post Show BBQ: Sunday 10th
Meeting place:Pluto's Place
Meeting time:5:30 PM
Event co-ordinator:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:As usual, we'll be holding a BBQ after the 4wd show. BYOG. We will supply meat and salads but if anyone wants to bring a salad, please let us know so we don't double up.
Participants:Pluto, Leonie, Fish, Vilma, Pommy Pete, Surf, Mavis, Captain, Shana tentative.

Xmas party : Friday 29th - December Sunday 1st
Meeting place:Marrarup campsite. Dwellinup
Meeting time:8. PM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Tail end:Fish Email Fish
Details:Secret Santa is coming so bring a present to the value of $ 10. Bring your bathers as well
Participants:Pommy Pete, Surf, Mavis, Rambo, Ziggy, Book worm, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Paddy, Doris, Pluto, Leonie, Cyclone, Thérèse, Blokka, Gail , Ziggie, Screech, Ethan , Miley, McGyver, Branka.